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  • Rethinking Criticism: Could Questions Be the Key?
    In the world of business leadership and management, one constant challenge is providing feedback and criticism effectively. Often, we resort to direct criticism, hoping it will drive the desired change. … Read more
  • A Pilot’s Guide to Emails That Get Read
    In a world where digital communication reigns, email remains a critical part of our daily professional interactions. It’s our ground control, the hub from which we launch numerous tasks, discussions, … Read more
  • Jettison Feedback – Use This Instead
    Let’s soar into a topic that’s been a point of turbulence for many managers: giving employee’s feedback. Are you a fan? Do your team members eagerly await evaluation day to … Read more
  • Manage Distractions Like a Pilot
    As a business manager, your distractions are like the unexpected gusts of wind you would face while hang gliding. They can throw you off course if you’re not prepared for … Read more
  • Crowd-Sourced Leadership
    Business managers, are you ready to catch some new thermals? Just like in hang gliding, where you rely on the elements and your instincts to soar, in the business world … Read more
  • Navigating beyond Training – the Long-Range Flight
    In the world of leadership, navigating beyond training is essential for really elevating team performance. A hang glider pilot understands that the flight is more than the initial launch. Likewise, … Read more
  • Leading Creativity in Your Business
    Creativity does not come easily to everyone. But these days, it may be just the workplace inspiration you and your people need. Let’s talk about leading creativity in your business. … Read more
  • Why Soft Skills Are So Hard
    Soft skills refer to interpersonal and social abilities that are essential in a variety of contexts, particularly in the workplace. As a business manager, you want your employees to have … Read more
  • The Art of Employee Retention Conversations
    Being a great leader means nurturing a strong and engaged team. One essential aspect is having retention chats with your employees. To build a cohesive and motivated workforce, you need … Read more
  • Unlock the Power of Playtime
    In your fast-paced and demanding business world, play may take a backseat to more serious pursuits. However, dismissing play as mere frivolity underestimates its tremendous value, for business leaders as … Read more
  • Do Employee Surveys Demotivate Your People?
    Managers and business owners alike are struggling with their workforce. Trying to fill open positions is hard enough, but trying to keep your current employees engaged and productive so they … Read more
  • Business Success from a Hang Glider Viewpoint
    Hang gliding and business success share remarkable parallels. Both require you to have passion, determination, and the courage to embrace uncertainty. Like launching a hang glider, building a successful business … Read more
  • The Problem with Setting Goals
    Traditional wisdom tells us that the key to success is setting specific, measurable, and time-sensitive goals. You should know where you’re going and when you’ll get there. But there is … Read more
  • Get More Applicants – Without Increasing Wages
    Everywhere I go these days I see “help wanted” and “we’re hiring” signs. Businesses report there are not enough applicants to fill the open jobs. Leaders think the problem is … Read more
  • Get Lucky – In Three Easy Steps
    It’s easy, right? Getting lucky seems as simple as falling out of bed when other people do it. But, identifying opportunities in the changing conditions you face is about as … Read more
  • Mistakes – Get Over Them
    Everyone makes mistakes. It happens to you and it happens to your people in the workplace. How you respond to them can make them worse or make them a learning … Read more
  • Relator Roles and Knee-Jerk Responses
    My mother and I were on the phone. She was telling me about a difficulty she was having with someone else. It had her very upset. I was being a … Read more
  • Advice about Advice
    It’s like getting hand-me-down clothing. When I advise businesses about management development, I think about it that way. And this also applies to advising your employees, co-workers, or even spouse. … Read more