Business Consulting Success Stories

business consulting success stories
Watch your business performance soar!

Christine delivers results – and that means happy clients! Read some of our business consulting success stories as told by our clients. Our varied leadership experience gives us the flexibility to support your success.

At Leader Support Service, we create happy clients – by building on what you’re doing right, polishing the skills you have, and developing new approaches to your business’s changing circumstances. With us as co-pilot, you can soar above the turbulence. You haven’t peaked yet!

Possibly the biggest month in history – at least the biggest for which we have records. Thank you, Chris. This is fantastic!!!!

Dave Weston, Little Creek Cove

You did an excellent job of facilitating our employee forum! My Board of Directors all had positive comments afterwards, and felt the discussion was meaningful and worthwhile. In fact, Paul said, “this year’s meeting was 2000 times better than the last!” I attribute most of that to you. You managed to navigate us through the all questions on time and on point.

Randy Grove, GM Central Lincoln People’s Utility District

I’ve been coming to Executive Officers Club each month for eleven years and your presentation was easily in the top three.

Pennie Leland, The Leland Group

With your help our organization has come together as a team, and laughed more in the past two days as in the last year.

Andrea Fogue, League of Oregon Cities

I am so pleasantly reminded of the wonderful workshop you gave a few years ago at Arts Northwest. It was the best and most motivating workshop that I ever participated in.

Gudrun Eichbauer, Prologue Integrated Consulting

You know I start Wednesday’s paper with your article and read the rest of the paper, don’t you? I always like to start with the best part first.           


We asked Chris to herd cats…she got them all heading down the path in the same direction. And anyone who knows cats knows how difficult that can be.  

Claire Hall, Lincoln County Commissioner

I really enjoyed it. It was colorful, creative and had just the right amount of irreverence. 

Judy Jensen, Providence Health System

All of the attendees at our conference enjoyed your presentation because you speak from experience. You’ve run businesses and are faced with these problems day in and day out. Your enthusiasm and knowledge sent us away with tools we can use at our own locations to improve our level of customer service. 

Bob Masterson, President, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! World Headquarters

…you’ve helped us build the organizational structure which we so desperately needed and you’ve been the glue which has kept us together and focused during this period of change. Without your determination to keep us moving ahead we would have continued to drift…

George Plant, Yaquina Lights

I really enjoy Chris’s style – spunk mixed with verve and sarcasm!

Susan Pattison, Mo’s Restaurant

…covered a great deal of information in a fun engaging manner! Her topic of ‘Flying in the Face of Conventional Management’ was a hit with our audience. She presented her key points in immediate terms. She made quick sense of seemingly complicated business relationships. Thank you, Chris. You saved the day and more! 

Barbara Rae, Chair, Eugene Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Business Leaders Program

Up until today I never liked seminars because I never seemed to gain anything. Today was most enjoyable and beneficial.

Sandy Woodruff, Desk Manager, Overleaf Lodge

My team and I came away from the workshop excited about new ideas and incentives for the coming year and best of all my employees feel vested in the success of our business! It was exactly what I was seeking.

Julia M Carlson, Financial Freedom Wealth Management

Chris Waugh’s presentations during nurse’s week gave our staff a message and theme that life is about winging it well. She has great energy and is able to deliver a great message.

Mardy Lower, Providence Alaska Medical Center

As a business owner, you can become complacent about marketing because you get so busy running the business. I knew I had to promote Best Roofing Company more, but I had no time. So I called Chris Waugh. I like her energy and approach. Chris Waugh, thank you for all your help. I would recommend your business to anyone in Lincoln County and beyond.  

Don Shuflin, Best Roofing Company

Very good delivery, excellent audience engagement, on target material.

Kevin Barr, Project Engineer, Georgia Pacific

She has presented outstanding programs and has left the attendees with more than just the typical “seminar high.” 

Ric Rabourn, Hallmark Inns

Thought provoking, yet simple.

Larry Clucas, Umatilla City Administrator

As the Master of Ceremonies, your enthusiasm and energy made our event a night to remember.

Bill McKinney, VP Administration, OSU Federal Credit Union

Having Chris provide facilitation for our Board and Employee Advisory committee meeting reenergized all of us.

Paul Davies, General Manager, Central Lincoln PUD

I was thinking yesterday about something to motivate the team at the meeting and went to the Chris Waugh book we have and …..the quote on the dry-erase board in our meeting this morning is from Chris’s essay on “Turbulence.” It’s a good essay.  

Joy S Wilson

I’m so glad we found you! 

Reverend Jean Bush, United Methodist Association