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Employees are your business's most expensive and valuable asset. Improve your business performance, by optimizing employee productivity, teamwork and loyalty. I'll launch you to new heights - you haven't peaked yet!

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Results-Driven Small Business Consulting

Let’s launch your business to new heights!

I’m Christine Waugh, a small business consultant. Leader Support Service is my passion – not just my business name. Imagine your organization running more smoothly, with the right people in the right positions, happily working together to get the job done.. I will analyze and optimize the relationships between you, your teams and your individual employees. Take advantage of my experience and flexibility, and launch your business to new heights.

Possibly the biggest month in history – at least the biggest month for which we have records. Thank you, Chris. This is fantastic!!!

Dave Weston, Little Creek Cove

Latest Leadership Tips (see more in my Blog)

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Avoid Trigger Word Problems

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Don’t Eliminate Conflict

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My books help your people soar higher. You can order them on Amazon for fresh ideas, encouragement and inspiration. Check out my blog, Leadership Tips. Or, head to the Leader Support Service Facebook page for insight in your news feed

Books that lend you wings.

I really enjoy Chris’s style – spunk mixed with verve and sarcasm!

~Susan Pattisonm Mo’s Restaurant

Give Your Business Wings

Besides having a business management background, my outside experience lends wings to help you soar. As an advanced hang glider pilot, I learned how to successfully “wing it”, find lift in the turbulence – on the fly. It’s an approach that lends itself into all aspects of your business and leadership success. You can only get it with Leader Support Service.

Give your business wings!
You have untapped opportunities in your workplace! Let’s maximize them so you can soar.

…you’ve helped us build the organizational structure which we so desperately needed and you’ve been the glue which has kept us together and focused during this period of change. Without your determination to keep us moving ahead we would have continued to drift…

George Plant, Friends of Yaquina Lights

A few (there are more) of the clients I’ve served:

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