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Uncertainty - it's the new business normal. Get Christine's help and soar above the turbulence!

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Small Business Consulting – Soar above the Turbulence

Small business consulting by Christine Waugh

Welcome, I’m Christine Waugh, and I deliver small business consulting services. I’m passionate about your business success. I’ve always been interested in what makes leaders great and organizations succeed, which lead to my career path as a manager, leader, and business consultant, On top of that, I spent years flying hang gliders, so I can show you how to soar above the turbulence in the business climate today.

A Business Consultant with Experience and Insight

Choose from a variety of consulting services and support. Leverage your management effectiveness with guidance, inspiration, and results. And see your business performance soar! My management background brings you the insight necessary to help your businesses conquer today’s challenges. Consider me your seasoned partner! I have business management and community leadership experience – and have consulted with dozens of clients in businesses, non-profits, government, and schools.

Possibly the biggest month in history – at least the biggest month for which we have records. Thank you, Chris. This is fantastic!!!

Dave Weston, Little Creek Cove

Small Business Consulting Services

You might benefit from small business consulting services such as:

  • Team engagement improvement
  • Customer satisfaction enhancement
  • Executive coaching
  • Workforce development and training
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Interim management

Additional Resources and Support

I have written several books drawing on my experience helping businesses grow. You can order the eBooks on Amazon for encouragement and inspiration. For quick leadership soaring tips, check out my blog. You can also head to the Leader Support Service Facebook page for insight on the go.

Small business consulting so your performance will soar!

Give Your Business Wings

Besides having a background in business, my outside experience lends wings to help you soar. As an advanced hang glider pilot, I learned how to successfully “wing it”, find lift in the turbulence on the fly. It’s an approach that lends itself into all aspects of your business and leadership success. You can only get it with Leader Support Service. You haven’t peaked yet!

Small Business Consulting in Eugene, OR

See your business performance soar with a variety of small business consulting services. You’ll get a passionate and flexible partner – ready to help you take on any challenge. Your launch begins with a single step, and we’ll take it together. Reach out and let’s get you off to a flying start today! 

A few of the organizations I’ve served:

…you’ve helped us build the organizational structure which we so desperately needed and you’ve been the glue which has kept us together and focused during this period of change. Without your determination to keep us moving ahead we would have continued to drift…

George Plant, Friends of Yaquina Lights

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