Business Consulting

See your business performance soar!


Business Consulting

You haven’t’ peaked yet!

Christine Waugh provides business consulting services and support. Get the help you need while you maintain focus on your day-to-day operation. Leverage your management effectiveness with guidance and inspiration, and see your business performance soar!

Her varied background makes Christine a great business consultant. Get a seasoned partner with experience in organizational management and civic leadership. Christine has delivered results for dozens of clients in businesses, non-profits, government and schools. Business consulting services may include:

  • Team engagement improvement
  • Customer satisfaction enhancement
  • Executive coaching
  • Workforce development and training
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Interim management

With her business consulting services, you will see your business performance soar. She is passionate and flexible. Leader Support Service, LLC is located in Eugene, Oregon.

Possibly the biggest month in history at least the biggest for which we have records. Thank you, Chris. This is fantastic!!!! ~Dave Weston, Little Creek Cove.

Christine has written several books. You can order her eBooks on Amazon. Like the Leader Support Service, LLC Facebook page for inspiration on the fly..

You’re launch begins with a single step. Christine will take it with you. Contact her and get off to a flying start!

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