Find Lift in Common Denominators

find lift in common denominators

Leading a team is a lot like piloting through dynamic skies. Both require a keen sense of awareness and the ability to recognize patterns. In business, you can find lift in common denominators. Look for them among the challenges and opportunities. By identifying what ties varying situations together, you give yourself a compass to make consistent, effective decisions.

Mr Reuter, my math teacher back in the day, taught me about common denominators. He said that finding common denominators would make things like comparing, adding, and subtracting fractions easier. But I have found that they make a lot of things easier.

The lift in common denominators isn’t just for math students!

Think of them as an aid to your flight plan, offering you a clear view of the landscape below. They make it easier to steer your team toward success. Look for ways you can find lift in common denominators, such as:

  • Self-Awareness: Recognize your own recurring behaviors and attitudes. Are they uplifting your team or causing turbulence?
  • Team Dynamics: Like varying wind currents, each team member brings their own set of traits and skills. Look for patterns in productivity and communication to guide you in fostering a more cohesive unit.
  • Market Trends: Identify commonalities in what’s driving customer behavior. These are your thermals, lifting you up when leveraged correctly.
  • Business Metrics: Financial and performance metrics often exhibit patterns. Pinpoint the metrics that consistently influence outcomes to predict future performance effectively.
  • External Factors: Keep an eye on industry trends, competitor moves, and regulatory changes. These act as your weather conditions, giving you clues on when to soar and when to hold back.

Being able to find lift in common denominators helps you make informed decisions. It enables you to cut through the fog and see the bigger picture. Just as hang gliders rely on thermals to gain altitude, tapping into common denominators can give your business the LIFT it needs.

Become a pattern-savvy leader, You’re not just steering for the day, you’re setting a course for long-term success. Keep your eyes on the horizon and your mind open to patterns. Let these common denominators guide you, and your team will not only fly—they’ll soar. You haven’t peaked yet!