Show Interest and You’ll Get Interest

show interest and you'll get interest

Here is the key to getting more out of the people around you. Take an interest. Be interested. Show interest and you’ll get interest.

My clients who are business managers frequently ask how to get their employees more interested in the jobs that they do. They tell me that apathy has run rampant in their organizational climates. They want their employees to be interested and motivated.

Yet, the employees I work with want “interesting work.” It’s one of the three most motivating aspects of their performance. Sometimes they feel their bosses just want the work done, and they aren’t interested in anything else.

Show interest and you’ll get interest – and motivated employees!

Interest is the common denominator in this age-old problem. To get it you have to have it. If you show interest you’ll get interest. It’s one of the top three ways to motivate anybody. So be interested!

  • Take an interest in the people you work with, notice their unique talents.
  • Appreciate each job in your organization. Every one (and every person) is necessary.
  • Identify and share what you find interesting in your own work.
  • Talk about what you find interesting in the people you meet, and in what they do.
  • Try this at home! There are fascinating people living under the same roof as you.

Like the interest that compounds in your savings account, the interest you show in others will compound and multiply. You haven’t peaked yet!

Give your people wings and your business will fly. Christine provides LIFT. Contact her to find out more.