Unlock the Power of Playtime

Play is not just for kids

In your fast-paced and demanding business world, play may take a backseat to more serious pursuits. However, dismissing play as mere frivolity underestimates its tremendous value, for business leaders as well as children. It plays a crucial role in shaping our cognitive, emotional, and social development. Play offers benefits that contribute to your overall well-being and creativity. Unlock the power of playtime.

Play comes naturally to youngsters.

Remember when you could make a fort out of a blanket, a costume out of a paper bag, or a stage on your front porch? Judgment was suspended because imagination was king. When they’re playing, children are practicing and learning, yet they’re not tied down to reality. They are free to experiment and try out different approaches. If something doesn’t work, they try something else. And failure isn’t even in the vocabulary.

Over time, some business managers dismiss play as being childish. They lose the fun and creative element of learning, and it becomes drudgery. So, take a minute and spark creativity in your business. Remind yourself to unlock the power of playtime. Here’s why:

  • Play promotes learning – it takes the judgment out of failure because there is no such thing in play
  • It relieves the stress you face – play makes a creative challenge out of an obstacle
  • Practicing play enhances your creativity – and you need that at work every day
  • Be playful with your team – it enhances your bonds with them and between each other
  • Approach your problems as a game and find new ways to solve your problems
  • Explore new ideas and experiment through the art of playing

Unlock the power of playtime. It’s an integral part of the human experience and it holds tremendous value in the workplace. Take the skill that came naturally as a child and utilize it in your organization today. You haven’t peaked yet!