Navigating beyond Training – the Long-Range Flight

navigating beyond training

In the world of leadership, navigating beyond training is essential for really elevating team performance. A hang glider pilot understands that the flight is more than the initial launch. Likewise, effective managers recognize that employee development goes beyond a one-off training session.

Launching a hang glider is a rush, and one-time training can invigorate your team temporarily. But, you can lose momentum without a longer-range flight plan. So, develop a strategy that provides ongoing LIFT.

Consider navigating beyond training and follow-up professional training with further discussion at your team meetings. This will prolong your results. Let employees share their workplace challenges with real-world examples. Then, encourage teammates to offer suggestions or solutions that have worked for them. You can facilitate the discussion and get everyone involved.

Your team might suggest topics for future training and development. Follow up on that – when they suggest the skills to hone, they are more engaged and receptive. You want to keep the learned skills and approaches fresh in their minds. That way, you’ll all be more nimbly able to soar through things like:

  • Changing air currents – Industries shift as dynamically as the skies. Singular training sessions might not foresee future challenges, whereas a long-range gliding strategy adapts and evolves.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Just as investing in a hang glider for a single flight lacks logic, pouring resources into frequent new training without navigating beyond training is costly.
  • Building on each updraft – Every thermal a pilot encounters elevates their journey. Similarly, with continuous development, building on the initial training increases aptitude and altitude.
  • Tailored flight paths – Each flight is unique. A prolonged strategy, unlike generic training, can be tailored, emphasizing the importance of soaring skill sets for each individual.
  • Navigating toward clear goals – Single-event training can have unclear outcomes. But with a focus on navigating beyond training, goals are set with a clear horizon in mind. Your employees continue to rise and soar.

For business managers and leaders striving for success, adopting the philosophy of navigating beyond training ensures not just an initial boost, but sustained growth and development. You haven’t peaked yet!