Leading Creativity in Your Business

spark creativity in business

Creativity does not come easily to everyone. But these days, it may be just the workplace inspiration you and your people need. Let’s talk about leading creativity in your business.

Progress, solutions, innovation, winning, fun, and success – these all come from creativity, not predictability. You need it in your business, and you need to stimulate it in your employees and/or volunteers. It keeps you fresh. It keeps you ahead of other organizations. The winner is usually the one who implements a good idea first.

Picasso knew about leading creativity. Where did he paint the eyes?

Where did Picasso put the eyes of a person in his paintings? Often, they were off to the side or tilted askew. He probably thought that since everybody put their eyes on the face, why be so predictable? Being creative is being different. And not being afraid of the consequences. So, get comfortable leading creativity.

Some people are born creative. They are very curious and interested in their world., so they already prioritize leading creativity in business. New ideas stimulate them – they can think them up in a snap. Even for those of us who identify as non-creative, none of these traits are difficult to try. And they may help you think outside of the box you’re in sometimes. Think about something in your life or work that you’re not satisfied with. Make a conscious effort to approach it with creativity.

If you always do things the same way, you’ll probably always get the same result. Let’s look at ways you can be leading creativity in yourself and your business. Here are some ideas to try today:

  • Practice brainstorming on work problems. Go for quantity of ideas, and delay judgments about quality.
  • Get used to feeling a little uncomfortable. Reverse the way you usually cross your arms.
  • Approach a task with a playful attitude – like a child at playtime.
  • Vary a routine you perform every day. Sit on the opposite side of the dinner table.
  • Drive a different way to work, home, or even lunch. You’ll see different things.
  • Reward any effort to try something different. That’s leading creativity!

So spark creativity in your business. It will vary your perspective, and you’ll see a whole new world of opportunity. You haven’t peaked yet!

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