Aspirations, Not Resolutions

Aspirations not resolutions
Aspirations, not resolutions

Many business leaders have given up on New Year’s Resolutions. Why? Studies show that goals don’t work, so I recommend you try aspirations, not resolutions.

They say the top reasons for failed resolutions are things like a lack of consequences, a lack of specificity, being too big, not enough external support, not writing them down, being dependent on someone else, or no real commitment. Blah, blah, blah. Typical goal-setting stuff, but I don’t think the answer lies there.

The word resolution has Latin roots, meaning re-solution. It means determination, firmness of purpose, settling a problem, making a declaration, or finding a solution. It takes resolve. In other words, we are re-solving a problem or something that is unsatisfactory in our lives. We think we need to be re-fixed – again and again. Every new year.

Why not inspire ourselves with our dreams? Think of the word aspiration. It means ambition, longing for something of higher value, a cherished desire. The root word means to breathe on or to give life to. Instead of making resolutions to re-solve our weaknesses, think about aspirations and breathing life into your dreams. That will motivate you, giving you a better chance of success.

There is nothing wrong with your business or with you, you’re OK just as you are. But, that doesn’t mean you aren’t still growing, evolving, and improving. Try aspirations, not resolutions:

  • Think of your leadership, your work, and your life as an evolution, a continuum – and not something to fix.
  • Relish your recent accomplishments, achievements, lessons, and insights.
  • Focus on what you’ve learned from your mistakes and challenges.
  • Daydream about where you might go next – what you would like to accomplish
  • Devise a plan to incorporate your aspirations into your everyday life.

Make aspirations, not resolutions. They will inspire you. You haven’t peaked yet!