Leaders Use Discernment to Make Decisions

Use Discernment to Make Decisions

Today, let’s take an insightful journey into the world of leadership and personal development. We’ll explore a vital trait that sets great leaders apart: discernment. In the realm of leadership, decision-making is not merely about facts and figures; it’s about harnessing multiple sources of knowledge to make choices that propel you, your team, and your organization to new heights. Leaders use discernment to make decisions.

Discernment is a multi-faceted approach to decision-making. It’s helpful when there appears to be no one right answer. In the fast-paced business world, leaders like you often face complex and complicated challenges. Discernment involves the ability to navigate these challenges by integrating all the ways of knowing that you have.

Here are 5 ways that leaders use discernment to make decisions. Let’s delve into them:

  • Your Instincts: As a seasoned hang glider pilot understands wind currents and thermals, leaders have to learn to trust their inclinations. These intuitive insights often stem from years of experience and a deep understanding of their teams and industries.
  • Your Body: You may get a reaction in your gut or a twitch somewhere when you consider an option. You may not understand it, but your body may be trying to tell you something.
  • The Facts: Just as a pilot checks the glider and the weather conditions before taking flight, leaders rely on data analytics and market research to make informed decisions. Data provides valuable insights that complement instinct.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Like the skill required to maintain balance in the air, emotional intelligence allows leaders to navigate interpersonal dynamics effectively. Understanding the emotions and motivations of team members is key to building a cohesive and motivated workforce.
  • Collaborative Wisdom: Leaders can’t do it all alone, just as a hang glider relies on teamwork during takeoff and landing. Collaborative decision-making draws from the collective intelligence of the team, leveraging diverse perspectives. And, it’s a great way to grow your people!

In the world of leadership, discernment is your compass, guiding you through the turbulent winds of decision-making. By blending instinctual wisdom, your gut feelings, data-driven insights, emotional intelligence, and collaborative wisdom, you’ll be equipped to make choices that not only ensure success but also foster a culture of growth and innovation within your organization. That’s why leaders use discernment to make decisions.

The power of discernment lies in your ability to soar above the clouds of uncertainty, harnessing the many ways of knowing to lead your team to greater heights. When leaders utilize discernment, they truly give their teams wings to fly. Safe travels in your leadership journey. You haven’t peaked yet!

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