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These leadership resources will inspire you and your team. These articles are always short and to-the-point, so you can read them on the fly.

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Books that lend you wings
Books that give you wings.

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Here you’ll find a collection of my latest articles, which you can read – and also share in your company newsletter! (Just give me credit, please.) They are lessons I’ve learned along my flight path, and are presented to you in the form of short, inspiring articles that you can read in a minute. If you want Leadership Tips delivered to you each week, click this:


Check out my inspiring leadership ebooks – they bring insight, humor, and tips that will give wings to your success.

When you’re on an airplane listening to the preflight instructions, they always tell you to put the oxygen on yourself before you try to help others. These leadership resources will inspire and motivate you as a leader, so you can develop your employees and teams.

Big problems get small from a bird’s eye veiw.

Colette Baron-Reid