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Welcome to our Leadership Resources hub, where you’ll find a wealth of knowledge and insights designed to empower leaders. We are passionate about sharing ideas and fostering a community of leaders who are committed to personal and professional growth. The articles and books listed below are the embodiment of this commitment.

Weekly Articles – Leadership Tips

Each week, we share valuable insights, tips, and best practices in leadership and team development. Our content is designed to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to succeed. Below you’ll find our last Leadership Tips. You can read each one in about a minute, and you’re welcome to share them in your company newsletter! (Just give Christine credit, please.)

Leadership Books by Christine Waugh

Leadership Books by Christine Waugh

These inspiring leadership books bring insight, humor, and tips that will “give wings to your success.” These eBooks are affordable versions of Christine’s sold-out paperback books. (You can still find the paperback versions of these leadership books on the used book market.) Click here to read more about all four of them.

  • How to Fly By the Seat of Your Pants: Leading Through Uncertainty
  • Leadership In Change
  • Updrafts: Insights That Lend Wings to Your Success
  • Misty Memories of Guard Island, Alaska: Ketchikan’s Legacy of a Lighthouse Family

In the dynamic world of leadership, continuous learning and growth are essential. Our Leadership Resources page is your gateway to valuable insights, strategies, and inspiration. Explore our articles and books, and remember, as a leader, “You haven’t peaked yet!”