Leadership Training

Leadership Training for peak performance
Hone those leadership skills so you’re effective on the fly.

Leadership is not an easy job. That’s why leadership training is so important. Refresh your approach with some new concepts. Take time to refine and update your leadership skills so you can get the most out of your team.

Your employees’ performance and satisfaction are directly tied to their relationship with their supervisor. Let’s work on those relationships and your business performance will soar.

Leadership training is customizeable, but here are a few things that I generally cover:

  • Explore the leader/supervisor/manager role within a healthy organization
  • How to adjust your leadership approach to different employees
  • Create a productive and satisfying workplace
  • Discover motivation techniques that are simple (and free)
  • Giving postive or negative feedback to improve results

I’ll customize your leadership training to your specific needs. The results will be a smoother running operation, less stress, higher production, employee longevity and customer satisfaction. Launch your business to new heights – you haven’t peaked yet!

…covered a great deal of information in a fun engaging manner! Her topic of ‘Flying in the Face of Conventional Management’ was a hit with our audience. She presented her key points in immediate terms. She made quick sense of seemingly complicated business relationships. Thank you, Chris. You saved the day and more! 

~ Barbara Rae, Chair, Eugene Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Business Leaders Program

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