Customer Service Makeover

Customer Service Makeover

Customer service skills continually take center stage in the minds of business managers. As a consultant and coach, I’m frequently asked to provide insights into this crucial aspect of running a thriving organization. Recently, I had a candid conversation with employees at a local department store. We were seeking to identify the most prevalent customer service complaints. While they mentioned issues like rudeness, defective products, and cumbersome return policies, there was one pervasive issue that eclipsed them all – indifference. So, they decided to initiate a customer service makeover.

Here’s one easy customer service makeover tip.

Avoid indifference. It’s the silent killer of exceptional customer service. Think back to the times when you’ve been left hanging on an eternal hold, listening to the repetitive mantra, “Your call is important to us.” It’s a scenario many of us can relate to, and it epitomizes the essence of indifference. The real-world encounter I had in a dress shop in Eugene, Oregon, further reinforced this point. I roamed the store, browsed the racks, and, finding nothing of interest, decided to leave. It was at that moment, just before exiting, that I heard a half-hearted, “Can I help you?” It was clear – they needed a customer service makeover.

Customers want to feel noticed, acknowledged, and genuinely served. Unfortunately, these expectations are often unmet. To provide exceptional customer service, let’s actively combat indifference. Here are some practical steps to ensure your customers never feel like an afterthought:

  • Prompt Acknowledgment: Be vigilant, keeping an eye on the entrance to greet customers as they arrive.
  • Avoid Assumptions: Resist the temptation to provide better service based on appearances; you can’t always judge a book by its cover.
  • Offer Assistance: Ask customers if they’d like help or prefer to browse independently. Avoid making assumptions about their needs.
  • Validate Choices: Compliment their selections, reiterate your guarantees, and, when dealing with cash transactions, count their change back accurately.
  • Express Gratitude: Finally, thank them sincerely for choosing your establishment as they depart.

Remember, your years of personal experience as a customer have already made you an expert in customer service. By actively avoiding indifference, you can unlock the potential for increased business growth. You can give your business a customer service makeover.

To stand out in a sea of competitors, embrace a customer-centric approach that values each individual’s experience. By actively acknowledging, assisting, and appreciating your customers, you can set a higher standard. You’ll also foster long-lasting customer relationships. After all, when businesses give their employees wings to provide exceptional service, they will soar above the competition. You haven’t peaked yet!