The Power of Your Smile

Consider the power of your smile. Recently, I received this email:

“Hi Chris, I saw you in *** on Friday, and am sorry to say I did not recognize you with those sunglasses on. My wife and I both have different books of yours, and you have spoken in front of ***. Remembering when you first got started in the speaking business, I have always admired your can-do approach to life.

I was weighed down with life’s sometimes heavy burdens, and I was apoplectic that I had not said ‘hi’ to a person that has always made me smile. Life is like that. One precious moment to make the most of. If you let life’s burdens weigh you down like I was that day, that is when you don’t make the most of those opportunities; those now moments!

So here is to lifting the burdens, lifting a light in the world, and lifting one another’s spirits to soar – by the seat of your pants or anything else that you can! Sincerely, ***”

The power of your smile for lifting the burdens…

To me at the time, it was just a passing moment. I just smiled at a guy I knew. This brings up an insight: We’re all here to lift each other up, and it really doesn’t take much effort. And it’s the simplest way to build rapport. So share your smile today:

  • Smile at a pedestrian who crosses the highway in front of you.
  • Nod at someone as you pass their cart in the grocery store.
  • Wave at a friend across a crowded room.
  • Take a minute to chat with someone old or lonely.
  • Acknowledge the people standing in a long line around you.

So remember the power of your smile – know what subliminal effect it has. Your tiny effort might lift someone up!