Get More Applicants – Without Increasing Wages

Get more applicants without increasing wages

Everywhere I go these days I see “help wanted” and “we’re hiring” signs. Businesses report there are not enough applicants to fill the open jobs. Leaders think the problem is solely about the wages they pay but is it? Let’s explore how to get more applicants without increasing wages.

Before I give you some tips, let’s look at your business and the people you already have.

First, look at yourself, as well as your supervisors. Let your staff evaluate the performance of their leaders! They can help business leaders get better at their jobs. If you are able to involve, inspire and motivate the staff you have, you retain loyal employees and improve their performance at the same time.  Set a high standard in your own skills before you create expectations of your people. Be open and transparent with the challenges you face – your people have ideas that can help if you’re willing to ask, listen, and respond.

Now consider your workplace culture. Create an environment that attracts good people. Make sure your business is neat and clean, so it makes a good impression on applicants and the people you have. Provide ongoing training so your people are skilled at communication, teamwork, and conflict appreciation. Your workplace will display less tension and friction. Use your people to recruit good employees – they know what you need! A small non-financial reward might give them an incentive.

Now, when you’re seeking applicants, be sure to sell the benefits of your workplace, as well as WIIFM (what’s in it for me) for the applicant. Consider the above ideas as a start. Here are more:

  • Review your interview process – make it more candidate friendly
  • Ask for the applicants’ expectations of the position – see what you can do to meet them
  • Offer to flex their schedules to meet their work/life needs
  • Offer professional or career development training – let applicants know you’re interested in their long-term career objectives
  • Offer a snack during a break time – food is always popular
  • Show appreciation to the applicants (as well as everyone on your team)

Involve your entire staff in being part of the solution to this challenge. Start a Culture Committee to make small improvements in your workplace. People love to share what they helped create and are proud of.

Get more performance out of your most valuable and expensive business assets – your people. Contact me to find out how.