Prepare for Questions Applicants Will Ask

Questions Applicants Will Ask

As a leader, if you’re hiring you need to attract applicants to your business. You probably already have your candidate interview questions in mind. Remember, you’re being interviewed too. Prepare for questions applicants will ask you.

There are lots of help-wanted signs up. The job market is getting highly competitive. Candidates have choices. They care about where they work. The good ones want to evaluate your company and make sure it’s a good fit for them. Work/life balance has taken on more importance than it did with past generations. Applicants care about the company they work for as much as the paycheck.

Thoughtful questions from a job candidate show a level of confidence. They indicate that the candidate is invested in finding a good fit in a position and a workplace. That means that person would be more apt to stay longer and be more productive and happier in the job.

So when you end your interview with, “Is there anything you’d like to ask me?” be prepared to answer questions applicants will ask, like these:

  • What do you like most about working here?
  • How does this position fit into the company mission?
  • Why is this position available?
  • What is the main reason people stay or leave this company?
  • When was the last time someone in this position was promoted?
  • What would be a great / challenging day for the person in this job?
  • What kind of professional development / training do you offer?
  • How are criticism and feedback handled?
  • Tell me about the work/life balance of your employees.

To show your company and your open position in the best light, prepare for these interview questions applicants will ask. Hiring isn’t just a one-way proposition anymore. You haven’t peaked yet!