How to Increase Your Energy

How to increase your energy

Want to know how to increase your energy? Where do you get energy, anyway? Is it merely a diet, exercise, and sleep? I don’t think so. You get energized by engaging in activities that bring you joy. Of course, that includes eating, playing, and sleeping. But there is much more to it.

Find work you enjoy. I get energy from my business because I work with clients who are serious about soaring their business, in a metaphorical sense. At different times, I’m a coach, facilitator, trainer, speaker, and writer. I work with big organizations and entrepreneurs, business managers, teams, and even high school students. All that variety energizes me. But that’s just me…what energizes you?

What energizes you?

Your home life can energize you. We just got a puppy – now that’s an example of energy! Now I’m encouraged (forced, really) to go on more walks. Develop yourself through your hobbies. In the past, I enjoyed flying hang gliders. And, I’ve been enriched by music, too. Singing the songs of my parents’ generation with a small ensemble is invigorating. Performing to a live audience is an adrenaline rush just like launching a hang glider. You also get energy by giving the people around you a boost.

Here are a few ideas to help you increase your energy:

  • Curb any extremes in your diet, exercise or sleep patterns. Enjoy the rest!
  • Notice what you like in your work. Focus on that and build on it.
  • Spend some time catching up with your employees – connect on a personal level.
  • Make time for a new hobby. Reinvent yourself often to keep refreshed.
  • Reach out. Volunteer. Participate. You’ll get even more than you give.

Start by finding one opportunity to enrich your life, and your energy will soar.

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