Need to Lead on the Fly? Get Prepared!

Be prepared to lead on the fly

Leadership is not for wussies! It’s not simple – nor is it stable. Sometimes you need to lead on the fly. So get ready for it. If you’re prepared for leadership on the fly, you can take advantage of the opportunities – and even the challenges – in the changing business climate.

It’s not like things change once in a while, either. It’s a daily occurrence. You’ve probably noticed that all the management issues you encounter today weren’t taught in Management 101. I know as a business manager, I would always run into a predicament that forced me to think outside the box. It happened every day. Conventional wisdom wouldn’t fly in these circumstances.

So, how do you prepare for the unknown? Well, first, realize that things aren’t going to slow down. They won’t go back to normal. Normal is like the end of the rainbow – there is no there. And you can’t keep trying the same old things again and expecting a better outcome. You have to understand that being responsive to changing circumstances is the key to leadership success.

Normal is like the end of the rainbow – there is no there.

How do you get prepared to lead on the fly? It’s really pretty simple if you break it down:

  • Have a clear vision and mission for your business. It doesn’t change. That will ground you.
  • Look for and prepare for obstacles to get in your way so you can shift as necessary.
  • Also be aware that opportunities may present themselves unannounced.
  • Continue your leadership learning in small, touch-and-go sessions.
  • Stay fresh with the leadership skills you need most so that you can be responsive.
  • Provide ongoing professional development training to keep your teams fresh and ready.
  • Talk with your people about the opportunities and obstacles they see, and do it daily.

Be grounded in your business “why” so you can take flight with your “how.” Get prepared to lead on the fly and optimize your team’s performance with professional development training. You’ll see your business performance soar.

Get more performance out of your most valuable and expensive business assets – your people. Contact me to find out how.