Six Ways to Tune Up Business Performance

Tune Up Business Performance
Tune Up Business Performance

Great business leaders refresh their basic leadership skills often to tune up business performance. It’s part of life-long learning. It’s part of improving…and part of being effective. You won’t have time to stop and think about them when you’re flying by the seat of your pants through another hectic day.

As a fledgling singer, I wanted to sing better, and quickly. So, I hired a coach to work with me. As a warm-up during each session, he had me sing the scales. You know – la, la, la, la, la, la, la – in intervals up and down.

But it was dreary work! About the third session, I was tired of it. I stifled a yawn. I didn’t think he noticed me rolling my eyes. I was going through the paces, eager to get through it – to get to the good part. Singing a song!

Suddenly, he stopped me and said, “Chris, it looks like you’re bored with this.” I said something intellectual, like, “Duh!”

Then he zinged me

Then he zinged me: “You know the basics. Why don’t you do them consistently and we’ll move on?” Ouch. “Look,” he softened, “the exercises are easy because doing the basics every time isn’t.” I guess I needed to hear that.

It made me think about the need to tune up business performance. Every good singer I know practices the basics. Pavarotti had a coach, and he probably had to sing the scales. Great musicians work on basics. So do great athletes, business leaders, and teams.

Refreshing those basic business skills is easy. Keeping them fresh is crucial.

Take time to review and practice the basics of business with your team at work:

  • Consider which of your leadership skills could use some practice.
  • Take ten minutes to review essentials of teamwork at your next staff meeting.
  • Hold a one-hour sales training session to refine and refresh everyone’s communication skills.
  • Bring in a ToastMaster to deliver a “How to Make a Good Presentation” topic.
  • Have a staff member research and present a conflict resolution session.
  • Bring in an organizer and get some advice on basic office streamlining.

You’ll reap big rewards for your efforts in honing basic skills often to keep them fresh.

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