A Counterintuitive Guide to Improvement

counterintuitive guide to improvement

When you think about improvement, do you focus on weaknesses? Here’s a counterintuitive (and much more rewarding) guide to improvement.

Ask most people what about their lives they’d like to improve and you’ll usually get a litany of their weak points. They want to improve their problems with their business or personal relationships, careers, weight, habits, and even cleaning house. These types of things are the source of many New Years Resolutions, most of which fail.

We tend think to improve we should smooth out the dips – the areas of our performance where we are insufficient or below par. We strive to get those weak areas up to the level of our stronger talents. But that’s not very successful. Who gets up in the morning raring to get to work on improving their weaknesses?

Who gets up raring to work on improving their weaknesses?

I think a better alternative is to mitigate your weaknesses but focus on your strengths – what you already do well. Take a talent, skill or hobby you enjoy and are pretty good at. Think about how you could improve upon that.

  • Your improvement goal will actually motivate you.
  • You’re not as likely to procrastinate doing something you enjoy.
  • You have a better chance of achieving and exceeding your mark.
  • Succeeding will motivate you to tackle other improvement areas.

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