What You Need to Know about Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is often misunderstood. Collaborating in the workplace does not mean that each team member’s opinion or approach is the same. Quite the contrary. Teamwork and collaboration work best when there are different viewpoints!

Think about the government today. There are right wings and left wings – each wing has a different perspective and objective. Too often, one side dismisses the other as wrong instead of hearing and respecting the opposite opinion. There is no team collaboration. Performance is negatively impacted. When the wings don’t work together, the eagle doesn’t soar. It takes two wings to soar.

When the wings don’t work together, the eagle doesn’t soar.

Collaboration among employees happens when the different perspectives are heard and respected. Each side builds on what they agree with within the other opinions. Team collaboration and cooperation enrich the process. Those different viewpoints, blended together, are the benefits of collaboration.

As a leader, you want to encourage business collaboration. Listening, honoring, and building on differing opinions create team collaboration and your business performance will soar.

  • To build teamwork and collaboration, be a open listener yourself.
  • Keep the focus on the company mission, not the path to get there.
  • Teach your employees the benefits of collaboration. Have them focus on what they agree with instead of what they disagree with.
  • Encourage the building and blending of two opposing ideas to increase business collaboration.
  • Remember, your business needs more than one viewpoint, more than one wing.

To increase team collaboration, cultivate opposing viewpoints, personalities, and skill-sets. Train your team members to respect each other and cooperate. Lead by example – call out divisiveness and to demonstrate tolerance and balance. Honor all perspectives. When you get both sides working together, your business performance will soar.

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