Invert Your Organizational Chart and Grow

Organizational Chart

Your business is a living organism, much like a tree. Consider your organizational chart. Does it look like a pyramid, with the boss on top and the workers on the bottom supporting the boss? Your organizational hierarchy speaks volumes, especially to those who work for you! Invert your organizational chart and you’ll grow your business.

Think of your business as a tree. The leaves carry out the main tasks on a tree as they convert light into energy. Leaves are like your front-line staff. To do their best work like leaves on a tree, they need two things – support and nourishment.

Develop your organizational chart in the form of a tree to promote growth.

Leaves need support from the trunk and branches to get up to the sunlight. The middle-manager branches must hold them up. And you – the trunk, have to support the entire structure. The leaves need a solid foundation so they can focus on their jobs. You create the roots in your business by continually modeling your values and mission. You ensure your people have the support they need and are in a position to do excellent work and grow your organization.

Leaves also need nourishment, and the trunk and branches provide the conduit for nutrients. As a good leader, your organizational structure should provide a steady stream of nourishment to your staff in the form of information, training, development, appreciation, and encouragement. That’s how to grow your business. Happy, healthy employees work better than ones left to wither.

Your organizational chart should enable growth in your business. As the leader, your role is to give support and nourishment – to the branches and the leaves. And you have to keep it flowing. Do so, and your organization will flourish. You haven’t peaked yet!

2 thoughts on “Invert Your Organizational Chart and Grow

  1. Kara says:

    I liked the analogy up until the last sentence. It didn’t quite seem to fit, though it is clever.
    You know well that not every leadership position is about money. ?
    Thanks for sharing. We talked about it.

  2. christinewaugh says:

    Ahhh, good point Kara. So I took out my clever money tree comment and replaced it with “your organization will flourish!”

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