Choose the Best Applicants with These Tricks

Choose the best applicant

When you interview job applicants, they always try to make themselves look perfect for the job, similar to the way a first date tries to impress you. But it’s best to have a few techniques to learn people’s true colors. Choose the best applicants with these tricks.

As a business leader, the hiring choices you make can have a major impact on your job, your workplace, and your other employees. You already have your favorite questions to ask, but consider some unconventional ideas to learn more about the candidate.

In addition to asking scenario questions (which they’ve probably prepared for,) check them out before and after the interview. Look at their social media presence – you can learn a lot from people on Facebook! Drive by their home – how’s the yard look?

Throw them into the job if you can. During an interview for an office manager who would have to work on her own, my client found an excuse to leave for a moment. He had staged a phone call and asked the applicant to answer it as he left the room. She answered the call and told the “caller” who wanted to place an order that she was new. Then she took the “order,” the caller’s name, contact information, and assure the caller she’d call back and verify the order went through as requested. (She got the job.)

Also, think of things outside-the-interview-box for more insights. Choose the best applicants with these tricks:

  • Ask your other employees to observe them as they approach and wait for the interview to start. Do they acknowledge or greet your people? Do they pick up a scrap of litter?
  • As they wait for the interview, do they observe the workplace environment, connect with the other employees, fidget, or play on their phone?
  • When they enter the interview, ask if they want a Coke. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn about them from their answer to that!
  • During the interview, wonder aloud about an actual problem you are facing. Do they offer help or do they just sit there?
  • After the interview, walk them out to their car if they drove. Does their car’s condition match the image they portray? Is it neat? Is it clean? Is it cluttered with junk inside?
  • Ask your employees for their overall observations and opinions of each candidate. They’ll love being part of the process!

Let me know if I can help you with your hiring challenges. You haven’t peaked yet!