Elevate Your Leadership with Our Exclusive Coaching Program!

elevate your leadership

Ready to launch your leadership skills to new heights? Get a 3-month individualized one-on-one leadership coaching package at an unbeatable price of just $1,500 (or less!*) Attention managers and aspiring leaders – would you (or someone on your team) like to elevate those leadership skills? Experience a unique coaching journey that blends practical leadership skills with the expansive vision of soaring high. Our personalized leadership coaching is here to provide the lift.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity – available times are limited! Take advantage of this limited-time offer and start your journey to becoming a leader who not only manages but inspires.

Why Choose Us to Elevate Your Leadership?

  • Our blend of business acumen and soaring insights brings a unique coaching perspective.
  • We have a proven track record in empowering leaders and managers.
  • Your coaching sessions are personalized to match your individual leadership journey.
  • We can coach you in person (if you’re in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area,) OR we can coach you virtually.
  • You can contact us between your sessions with questions, clarification, & follow-up.

I‘m pleased to say that Christine’s professional development techniques are effective for any staff member an organization or company wants to invest in for personal and professional growth.

Ruth Linoz, Executive Director

Example of a typical leadership coaching program

Your sessions to elevate your leadership will be customized to your needs and aspirations. Here’s an idea of what 3 months of bi-weekly one-hour sessions might look like. Each session builds on the previous one, highlighting the progression and development journey. We’ve included some options below for your consideration.

Session 1: Introduction and Goal Setting

  • Discuss the client’s career journey and current role.
  • Identify specific goals for the coaching sessions.
  • Introduction to basic leadership concepts.

Session 2: Self-Awareness and Leadership Style

  • Leadership style assessment.
  • Reflect on feedback from peers and subordinates.
  • Discussion on how personal style impacts leadership effectiveness.

Session 3: Effective Communication and Influence

  • Techniques for clear and assertive communication.
  • Role-playing scenarios to practice influence and persuasion.
  • Analyzing case studies of effective leadership communication.

Session 4: Team Dynamics and Motivation

  • Discuss theories of motivation.
  • Strategies for building and maintaining high-performing teams.
  • Customized advice on managing your specific team challenges.

Session 5: Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • Techniques for effective decision-making.
  • Approaches to problem-solving in leadership contexts.
  • Case study analysis or simulation exercises.

Session 6: Delegation and Time Management

  • Best practices for delegating tasks effectively.
  • Tools and strategies for time management and prioritization.
  • Setting up a personal action plan for better work-life balance.

Session 7: Review and Future Planning

elevate your leadership
  • Evaluating progress towards initial goals.
  • Reflecting on key learnings and insights.
  • Developing a long-term leadership development plan.

Customization Opportunities:

  • Project Management: Plan and track your project on time & on budget.
  • Leadership in Crisis Management: Handling high-pressure situations.
  • Change Management: Leading through change and uncertainty.
  • Innovation and Creative Leadership: Fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Building inclusive leadership practices.

Payment Options and Confidentiality:

elevate your leadership
  1. Payment Schedule:
    • Option 1: $500 to be paid in advance each month, or
    • *Option 2: Pay $1350 upfront and save 10%.
  2. Confidentiality: Your information and details will be kept confidential unless agreed upon otherwise in writing.

Your launch begins with one step: Reach out:

Take the first step towards unparalleled leadership growth. Contact us now for a complimentary exploratory meeting! You can reach Christine Waugh directly at (541) 270-0399 or email her at [email protected]. It’s time to elevate your leadership. You haven’t peaked yet!