Training Value Calculator

training value calculator

Don’t put off training and developing your people because it costs money. That investment yields a great return. Use this Training Value Calculator to find out the monetary effect it can have on your company. Just enter how many employees you want to train, an estimate of their annual income including benefits, and project a percentage of performance improvement as a goal. The Calculator will reveal the value of training your people!

Compare that value with the cost of the training and development. You’ll wonder why you’ve put it off so long! Let’s connect and develop a plan to launch LIFT your people, and LIFT your organization.

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Training Value Calculator


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Training and development aren’t just nice ideas. There is an intrinsic value to your organization’s bottom line. When your people improve their working performance, your profits increase. So, optimize your workforce talent. The Training Value Calculator shows the monetary impact training and development can make in your company, but there’s more! Organizations that invest in the training and development of their workforce report many benefits:

  • Higher net profits – performance improvement drops to your bottom line
  • Reduced office politics – less drama, conflict, and stress in your workplace
  • Improved teamwork – your people develop skills to collaborate better
  • Greater employee loyalty – people want to work in an environment that cares about them
  • Better customer service – your customers will notice the improved culture in your workplace
  • Fewer discipline problems – your people work through interpersonal issues and solve problems

Set your improvement targets with this Training Value Calculator, and then let’s get to work. You haven’t peaked yet!

Get more performance out of your most valuable and expensive business assets – your people. Contact me to find out how.