Play is Not Just for Kids

Play is not just for kids

Play is not just for kids. I think it’s good to let yourself come out and play. At an Animal Shelter, I watched two kittens play. A tabby pounced on another’s tail, and it turned around and swatted its nose. They both stretched up on their back legs, trading blows and looking mock-vicious. 

Play comes naturally to the young. Remember, as a child, when you could make a fort out of a blanket, a costume out of scraps, or a stage on your front porch? Judgment was suspended because imagination was king.

When they’re playing, children are practicing and learning, but they’re not tied down to reality. They are free to experiment and try out different approaches. If something doesn’t work, they try something else. And failure isn’t in the vocabulary.

Over time, some people dismiss play as being childish. They lose the fun and creative element of learning, and learning becomes drudgery. So, take a minute to remind yourself of this important childhood skill:

  • Look for creative or fun ways to do the mundane
  • Allow for some ‘silliness time’ in your life
  • Ease up on your self-criticism
  • Volunteer at a school or with organizations like 4-H
  • Adopt a shelter puppy or kitten to teach you to play

Play is not just for kids. Let yourself come out and play today. Have fun. You haven’t peaked yet!

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