Sales Training

Hone those sales skills so you’re effective on the fly.

Salespeople are often thought of a gushing, insincere and shallow. No wonder employees don’t flock to jobs that require selling – and the ones that do burn out fast. Customers also avoid people who they think are “trying to sell them something.”

But without sales, we are without business! With good people developing the right skills, sales are easy. In this training, I’ll present:

  • How to create a customized and flexible selling style
  • Understanding how different people decide to purchase
  • How you ask the question can determine the answer
  • Win/win negotiating techniques
  • Business etiquette for a professional image

I am so pleasantly reminded of the wonderful workshop you gave a few years ago at Arts Northwest.
It was the best and most motivating workshop that I ever participated in.

—Gudrun Eichbauer, Prologue Integrated Consulting

Very good delivery, excellent audience engagement, on target material.

~ Kevin Barr, Project Engineer, Georgia Pacific

Thought provoking, yet simple.

Larry Clucas, Umatilla City Administrator

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