quotes by Christine Waugh

Some of the quotes by Christine Waugh stick around. They offer quick insights. Or they make you think. Sometimes they just make you smile. A few of her clients’ favorite quotes are:

You haven’t peaked yet!”

You can soar – hang gliding is optional.”

You’ve got to chase a lot of wild geese before you find a golden egg.

“Your launch begins with a single step. Are you ready?”

“Goals are moving targets.”

“Don’t avoid turbulence. The lift is in the turbulence.”

“Don’t always wait for the perfect time; good timing will usually suffice.”

“Get out of your comfort zone daily – stretch!”

“Reconsider all your limitations as if they were self-imposed. Most of them are!”

“Your leadership isn’t so much your grand plan as it is those little things you say and do on the fly.”

“Nobody ever goes to bed at night feeling over-appreciated.”

“Pay attention! Everyone you meet, and every situation you encounter, has something to teach you.”

“Notice what you like to do for fun; you’ll get insight that will help drive your career choices.”

“If you think you’re stressed out, you are. Be careful what you think.”

“Focus on the 90% that is right about you and not the 10% that isn’t.”

“You owe it to yourself to make the most of your life, whatever that means to you.”

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