Professional Experience in Oregon and a background flying hang gliders helps Christine Waugh lend wings to your success.
Soaring in front of Mt Rainier

Professional experience in Oregon, Christine is a business consultant and confidant. With her background in business management and civic leadership, she has worked with a wide variety of clients over the years, (who gave her these endorsements.) You can get an idea of her passion, preparation, work ethic, and determination so you know you’ll get the results you want. Because you haven’t peaked yet.

Beyond professional experience based in Oregon, Christine spent years soaring high above the ground in her hang glider, which really widened her perspective and lends wings to her leader support. Here are more details:

All of the attendees at our conference enjoyed your presentation because you speak from experience. You’ve run businesses and are faced with these problems day in and day out. Your enthusiasm and knowledge sent us away with tools we can use at our own locations to improve our level of customer service. ~ Bob Masterson, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! World Headquarters

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You’re launch begins with a single step. Let Christine take it with you. Contact her and she’ll get you off to a flying start!

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