Sales Skills

Customizable Modules

Sales skills are important parts of professional development. Plus, because sales bring in income, they are an important part of your business success. But it’s not a one-size-fits all transaction. Customers want their needs to be treated as unique and individual. Your employees may hate selling because they think it’s sleazy. So, sales skills development will give them the right tools. to feel good about helping your customers. They will excel at guiding them to make a good buying decision. You can combine modules from above to customize your session. Some of the things your people will discover are:

  • How to create your individual and flexible selling style
  • Understanding how different personalities decide to purchase
  • How you ask the question often determines the answer
  • Win/win negotiating techniques, so everybody’s happy
  • Business etiquette for confidence and a professional image

I really enjoyed it. It was colorful, creative and had just the right amount of irreverence. ~ Judy Jensen, Providence Health System

Sales skills development combines well with other professional development offerings. Combine that with communication and customer service training, so you can create the custom support you need.

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