Motivational speaking by Christine Waugh is not just designed to entertain, engage and bring success to your audience. It will make them question some assumptions that may not be working for them any longer. Then it will replace those old ideas with fresh, new, takeaway insight. These two keynotes are Christine’s signatures:

How to Fly by the Seat of Your Pants

Motivational speaking - success comes when you know how to Fly by the Seat of Your Pants.

Success comes when you know How to Fly by the Seat of Your Pants. This keynote is based on Christine’s first book, “Flying by the Seat of Your Pants.” Life is full of updrafts and downdrafts that you can’t see and probably don’t trust. But if you think like a hang glider pilot, you’ll learn use the opportunities in the turbulence. You’ll learn to soar – the hang gliding is optional.

Face it, you have to wing it every day, but are your results effective? Learn how to successfully fly by the seat of your pants! As an advanced hang glider pilot, Christine had years of experience which will bring you an entirely new perspective on:

  • The power of self-awareness that builds momentum
  • The learning cycle and how to broaden your horizons
  • Preparation for success – stretching isn’t just exercise
  • Identifying those opportunities that you can’t see
  • Launching to fly, and flying to soar

I’ve been coming to Executive Officers Club each month for eleven years and your presentation was easily in the top three. ~ Pennie Leland, The Leland Group

Flying in the Face of Conventional Leadership

Motivational speaking - success comes when you fly in the face of conventional leadership

This is not your grandfather’s leadership approach! Because what worked back then doesn’t work anymore. In this provocative keynote, you’ll hear conventional management theory turned upside down. It wil change the way you think about leadership. You’ll stretch your perspective and leave feeling invigorated – with new ideas and tips that you can apply immediately to make your leadership life easier. And you’ll get happier employees! You will learn:

  • Five Fables You Learned about Management Philosophy
  • Five Myths You were Taught about Organizing a Business
  • Six Fantasies You Believed about Managing Tasks at Work
  • Five Fairy Tales about Supervision with Unhappy Endings

I really enjoyed it. It was colorful, creative and had just the right amount of irreverence. ~ Judy Jensen, Providence Health System

After your audience hears Christine’s motivational speaking – success on the fly – they’ll understand the way hang glider pilots find lift in the turbulence. You haven’t peaked yet. Contact Christine Waugh and tell her about how you want to improve your results.

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