5 Reasons to Get a Business Coach

Get a business coach and business advisor

“Why should get a business coach?” I get asked that a LOT! Well, first I bring expertise from a long and varied background in business management. Plus, I am someone you can bounce your thoughts off of – like a knowledgeable friend who cares but is not directly or personally involved. Because I’m an outsider, I see opportunities and blind spots that you might miss. 

When you view your own business challenges, you lose objectivity. Your emotions can cloud your judgment. My clients are often too close to the proverbial forest to see the trees. I don’t know all the internal politics within their workplace, so I can see their situation with fresh eyes.

Why did Pavarotti get a coach?

Why did the famous Italian tenor, Pavarotti, get a coach? Certainly, the coach could not sing better than the great singer. But Pavarotti could not hear himself. He wanted to be the best, and so he had to be willing to see himself from another vantage point.

When you get a business coach, you soar above the competition. As your business advisor, she can customize a program to help you take advantage of opportunities you don’t even see. Here are five benefits for you when you get a business coach:

  • Pointing out what is working well that you overlooked so you can build on it.
  • Noticing a “stumbling block” everyone is tripping over.
  • Proposing a shortcut to a lengthy process.
  • Questioning things that were always done that way.
  • Preparing the team for skills they’ll need tomorrow.

Why get a business coach? Some of the best advice I ever got wasn’t from my own experience. It was from outsiders.