An Eye-Opening Guide to Listening

Listening with your eyes as well as your ears is so important. Whether you’re the boss or the employee, the parent or the spouse, you’d better be a good listener, but how do you do it? Here’s an eye-opening guide to listening.

Remember how to actively listen? You make eye contact, nod, and interject an occasional Uh-Huh to show others you’re engaged in their conversation. You might even paraphrase what they said back to them. Those things demonstrate that you’re listening, but are you, really?

Let me give you a hint. Your ears don’t even have the major role.

Studies show that a mere 7% of the message comes through the spoken words. 38% comes through the tone of the voice, and a whopping 58% is displayed in the body language! That’s an eye-opening guide to listening – it’s done more with the eyes than the ears. Watch the posture, movement and expression to really “hear” what is being said.

Listen well, and notice more than the meaning of the words:

  • What mood does posture or bearing convey?
  • Is his expression pasted on? Or is it fully engaged?
  • Do her gestures signify tension or relaxation?
  • Is the speaker talking down to you, or above you?
  • Any observations about the volume or speed of the speech?
  • Are the tone and words congruent, or is there an element of sarcasm?

Learn to listen with your eyes as well as your ears. Take in the whole of the communicated message, because you’ll have a deeper understanding of those around you.

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