Communication Training

Communication Training to Clear the Clouds
Hone those communication skills so you’re effective on the fly.

Communication training helps us relate better with our co-workers and our customers. Your communication skills need to be in top form to perform at your peak. These skills help you market, sell, serve and supervise. Improved communication skills decrease stress, too.

Communication training is customizable, but here are a few things that I generally cover::

  • Understand how different people process information
  • Utilize all three powerful avenues of communication
  • Discover important insights about the words you choose
  • Find new techniques that enhance your interactions
  • Learn strategies to improve your rapport with others.

Update your communication skills so they are ready on the fly. Let’s find a way to fit communication training into your busy schedule. I’ll customize your communication training to your specific needs. The results will be a smoother running operation, less stress, higher production, employee longevity and customer satisfaction. Launch your business to new heights – you haven’t peaked yet!

I really enjoyed it. It was colorful, creative and had just the right amount of irreverence. 

~ Judy Jensen, Providence Health System

I am so pleasantly reminded of the wonderful workshop you gave a few years ago at Arts Northwest.
It was the best and most motivating workshop that I ever participated in.

—Gudrun Eichbauer, Prologue Integrated Consulting

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