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Christine Waugh is a passionate business consultant, and her consulting business lends wings to your success.

I’m a passionate business consultant, because I love meeting the challenges and exploring the opportunities in your business world. The name of my consulting business – Leader Support Service – is my mission. And with a background and experience in business management and community leadership, I deliver results. to a wide variety of clients, My passion, preparation, work ethic, and determination ensure that you’ll be satisfied. In the past 20 years, I’ve worked in board rooms, training rooms, living rooms, on stages, and in gymnasiums. Then there was the time I served a business when the power was out. And another time in a 911 dispatch center – while they were working! Oh, and one more – I gave a leadership training speech with laryngitis. (They were Head Start teachers, and really appreciated me going the extra mile to deliver, instead of cancelling!) I enjoy those challenges. 

All of the attendees at our conference enjoyed your presentation because you speak from experience. You’ve run businesses and are faced with these problems day in and day out. Your enthusiasm and knowledge sent us away with tools we can use at our own locations to improve our level of customer service..

—Bob Masterson, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! World Headquarters

Business Consultant for Management and Leadership

Long before I had a consulting business, I started my career as a commercial loan officer in banking, and kindling my passion for business. I learned there that money isn’t everything in business success. Building on those skills, I was hired to build, operate and manage a group of tourist attractions, where I learned all the daily challenges that successful leaders face. Later, I was hired as COO of a medical device manufacturing firm, so I traveled extensively to market our products while leading the team through a factory move and an ISO9002 certification – all without a delay in production.

I’ve always been involved in community service and associations. As the president of two chambers of commerce and president of two Rotary Clubs, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to impact my communities through work with directors and committees.

And Hang Gliding Experience!

I can literally fly by the seat of my pants. Beyond a history of business management experience, I spent years soaring high above the ground in hang gliders, which really taught me about succeeding in an uncertain world. It widens my perspective in my consulting business, and lends wings to your success.

Business Consultant, Author and Speaker

My published Books include How to Fly by the Seat of Your PantsLeadership In ChangeUpdrafts, and Misty Memories. They are all available on Amazon. I contributed a chapter in Speaking of Success, along with best-selling authors Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, and Stephen Covey. For several years, I wrote a weekly newspaper column called Success On The Fly..

Inspiring audiences through keynote speeches is rewarding. Two of my popular topics are How to Fly by the Seat of Your Pants: Successful Leadership in Uncertain Times and Flying in the Face of Conventional Management. As the host of a weekly radio show called Success, The Sky’s the Limit, I interviewed guests to learn their secrets for success.

For quick leadership soaring tips, check out my blog. Like the Leader Support Service Facebook page for inspiration on the fly..

Enough about me! Let’s talk about your organization. You’re launch begins with a single step. Let me take it with you. Contact me and get off to a flying start!

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