Business Coaching and Consulting Services

Do you need business coaching to help you with specific challenges you are facing? Let’s talk! My Google 5-star business coaching and consulting services are designed to keep you, your people, and your business performing at peak levels. Plus, they are always customized to your needs, workplace, and timeframe. The winds of change are turbulent, but you can still soar. I help you develop a more “aerodynamic” organization that builds momentum, reduces drag and produces lift. Your performance will soar!

Christine creating a Flight Plan

Analyze the opportunities within your business, and recommend a flight plan:

  • Let’s start with a bird’s eye view, and discuss strengths and blind spots
  • Interview employees and get their input for performance solutions
  • Analyze teamwork and collaboration, get the flock flying in formation
  • Involve employees and teams in process improvement and future plans
Business Consulting for Business Success

Customized business consulting services, such as things like:

  • Review marketing plan and update as needed for the future
  • Review employee onboarding and exit processes
  • Analyze customer satisfaction and identify ways to improve it
  • Look for and suggest process improvement opportunities
One-on-one Leadership Coaching

Business Coaching to develop leaders, managers, and supervisors:

  • Create a self-assessment of strengths and blind spots
  • Develop goals and a strategy to improve effectiveness
  • Refine outward communication to increase team collaboration
  • Improve interactions with individual employees
Productive Meeting Facilitation

Facilitate meetings that are productive, engaging, and even fun:

  • Conduct pre-interviews to understand individual viewpoints
  • Develop agenda with focus, purpose, timeline and appropriate people
  • Involve everyone, maintain balance of conversation
  • Keep meeting moving along and stay on schedule

I’ve served clients in all sizes of businesses, non-profits, government entities, and schools. Like them, you can achieve the results you want – such as smoother running operations, higher productivity, less stress in the workplace, employee loyalty, and customer satisfaction. Let’s launch your organization to new heights – you haven’t peaked yet!

As a business owner, you get busy running the business. So I called Chris Waugh. I like her energy and approach. Chris Waugh, thank you for all your help. I would recommend your business to anyone in Lincoln County and beyond.  

Don Shuflin, Best Roofing Company