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Business coaching so you can soar. Leadership coaching that lends you wings.

In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to be able to lead your organization through the turbulence. Get the business coaching you need to to soar above the turbulence and into a successful future, Leadership coaching will help you get more performance out of you people. I am passionate about these things.

My book, “How to Fly by the Seat of Your Pants” has three basic concepts:

  • Be Aware – business coaching to identify where are you now and where you want to go
  • Prepare – leadership coaching so you’re ready any challenge or opportunity the uncertainty might present.
  • Dare – initiate action you need to make a positive change. You can soar!

I’ve been coming to Executive Officers Club each month for eleven years and your presentation was easily in the top three.

—Pennie Leland, The Leland Group

Be Aware

To get the flock flying in formation, business coaching assures everyone is aware of your current position and focused on where you want to go, and why. You might want:

  • One-on-one executive coaching to set goals and plan strategies
  • Meeting facilitation for those planning sessions that result in team buy-in
  • Keynote presentations that encourage fresh thinking
Leader support is your key to success


Leadership coaching and training can help get ready for any opportunity or challenge, so your people can respond successfully on the fly. Let me facilitate your preparation:

  • Team engagement assessment and plan for improvement
  • Customer satisfaction survey and enhancement to build loyalty
  • Workforce development and training for leadership, teamwork and service


It’s time to take off – to Initiate change and make improvements. I’ll help you take those first steps, and succeed in your new direction. Together, we’ll evaluate the result.

  • Get off to a flying start!
  • Project launching
  • Policy change roll-out
  • Evaluation and next steps
  • Interim management so you can take your time finding the right person

I am so pleasantly reminded of the wonderful workshop you gave a few years ago at Arts Northwest.
It was the best and most motivating workshop that I ever participated in.

—Gudrun Eichbauer, Prologue Integrated Consulting

…covered a great deal of information in a fun engaging manner! Her topic of ‘Flying in the Face of Conventional Management’ was a hit with our audience. She presented her key points in immediate terms. She made quick sense of seemingly complicated business relationships. Thank you, Chris. You saved the day and more!

—Barbara Rae, Chair, Eugene Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Business Leaders Program

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